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A game for anyone who’s dreamed of taking the road less travelled. At the wheel of your 33-tonner, you can expect mud baths, black ice, and spinning wheels. And to add to the challenge, you’ll also have to navigate old school with a map: no GPS here! Thankfully, driving these huge vehicles is strangely fun thanks to the immediately intuitive controls. It’s the best off-road game out there.

Time for a mud bath.
Who hasn’t dreamed of having one arm more tanned than the other and spending hours at the wheel of a 36-tonner? Escape the rat-race, see the country, and enjoy the scenery while pumping out CO2 by the kilo... It’s almost romantic.

MudRunner places you in the shoes of an extreme trucker.

MudRunner - Focus Entertainment - Hellish highways!

Your job is to transport goods from A to B, but the road isn’t always an open highway, and this is no summer holiday. You’ll need to raise your axles to get through muddy roads that could see you sink.

As if that wasn’t enough, it seems like the freight company you work for didn’t think it needed to invest in a GPS: you’ll have to navigate old-school, meaning you’ll need to get your map out to check your route. On the plus side, your truck is tooled up to the nines to overcome the challenges of the road.

MudRunner - Focus Entertainment - Hellish highways!

If your standard truck doesn’t get you that excited, you’ll find plenty more along the way. You just need to get close to them to unlock them, and the owners have all been kind enough to leave the keys in the ignition, meaning you can drive them as soon as you unlock them.

MudRunner isn’t Mario Kart, it’s a simulation, and really puts your driving skills to the test. The gears are automatic, but you just have to press on the right joystick to switch over to manual and bring a touch more realism to the experience. If you want the full experience, you have to go for the “interior” view, which places you in the driver’s seat.

MudRunner - Focus Entertainment - Hellish highways!

It makes driving more difficult but is so much fun!

So come and discover the hardy but rewarding life of a truck driver, and try not to get too engrossed in the game.

The missions all take a lot of time, and you can get so immersed that you don’t see the hours fly by. All that’s missing is a bit of Willie Nelson to complete the experience. On the road again!

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Publisher: Focus Entertainment

Developer: Saber Interactive

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