Model Builder

Model Builder

Precision relaxation!

Model Builder

Model Builder

Green Man Gaming Publishing

The only scale model game out there! A real sim where you'll be assembling, gluing, and then painting parts as you build a collection of planes, vehicles, and even cool figurines. Hugely popular in modelling circles, this is a relaxing game that's also a great introduction to the hobby, minus the glue on your fingers!

There's plenty of bus, lorry, and airliner sims out there, even farming and motorbike racing sims, but this is the first modelling sim we've seen and it's a real success!

Avid modellers love it: they can use all the same techniques they love, without getting glue all over their fingers or a nasty cut from a scalpel. Assembly, gluing, painting... the game has it all. There's even a photo and exhibit mode.

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We liked the variety of tools, paints, and models to build (ships, tanks, vehicles, figurines, and more).

This is a calm and soothing game where you're all alone in your workshop.

Like in most simulation games, there are two game modes. We recommend starting with Career mode if you aren't used to scale models in real life.

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Your adventure begins with a modelling competition, and you receive your assignments as emails sent to your in-game computer.

Each assignment rewards you with experience points and cash, which you can then use to buy tools (files, sponges, cloths, putty, spikes, etc.), or even paints and new model kits to assemble.

You'll unlock more items in the store as you earn experience points, and learn more about your grandfather who left you his modelling workshop.

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We loved how easy it is to pick up and play. There's a tutorial at the start that teaches you the different assembly and painting techniques, and the controls are pretty easy to master. While some jobs, like cutting and assembling, are easy to learn, the painting stage is a bit tougher.

Make sure you stay within the edges, or you'll get a bad score!

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Model Builder will go down well with younger gamers, and might even make them want to get their fingers sticky with glue and try their hand at real modelling. And unlike real life where you'll spend hours finishing a model, here it only takes about 20 minutes!

Model Builder
  • Age3


  • Desktop


  • Solo


  • Keyboard


Publisher: Green Man Gaming Publishing

Developer: Moonlit S.A

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