Mad Experiments: Escape Room

Mad Experiments: Escape Room

Get out if you can!

Mad Experiments: Escape Room

Mad Experiments: Escape Room

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If you like escape games and want one to play at home, this is the game for you. You’ll need to find your way out of a locked room within an hour. Just like in a real escape room, there are boxes to unlock, mechanisms to trigger, and hidden rooms. This time, though, you’re the guinea pigs of a mysterious professor who has trapped you in his mansion. Good luck!

Have you heard of "escape rooms"? Sure you have, those life-size roleplaying games where you need to find the way out of a room (or an entire building!) by solving puzzles!

Usually coordinated by committed actors, some of them can be missing that little touch of madness that makes them so much fun. And that’s a problem that the organiser of Mad Experiments: Escape Room is here to solve!

This strange adventure begins in a waiting room filled with stills, weird masks, and a flowerpot standing proudly on the ceiling. And so the tone is set. No sooner have you entered a Victorian-style lounge than you hear Professor Cheshire’s voice.

Mad Experiments: Escape Room - PlayTogether Studio - Get out if you can!

He clumsily explains that you are the first guinea pig for his brand new experiment! You came to have fun, but you’ve fallen into a trap! Your only way out is to grasp the logic of this mad scientist and run far, far away. But time is precious to Professor Cheshire, and he has given you only 60 minutes to make it out!

Developed by PlayTogether Studio from Quebec, Mad Experiments: Escape Room is, as its name implies, a 3D escape room game.

This giant puzzle can be played alone or with up to 6 players, and from the outset it casts you into pure psychological thriller territory.

The only things that will help you are your wits and your natural curiosity! Your first task should be to search every corner of the room.

Mad Experiments: Escape Room - PlayTogether Studio - Get out if you can!

You’ll find some access codes, locks, a gramophone, a fireplace, and a whole load of enigmatic clues. Look a bit harder and you’ll find codes with missing numbers, keys, and items that may or may not be useful. You just need to figure out how and when to use them! To do that, try to scan the shadows with your joystick and point your cursor at various items or parts of the scenery.

If the item is highlighted, it’s definitely an important one! You can inspect it (and find clues), drop it, or use it in combination with another item! And whether you’re a pro or a novice, we recommend not spending too much time faffing around and keeping an eye on the clock in the lounge. It will tell you how much time you’ve got left before it’s Game Over!

If you’re playing in multiplayer, remember to share your discoveries and theories with your teammates.

They might just come in handy!

Mad Experiments: Escape Room
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Publisher: PlayTogether Studio

Developer: PlayTogether Studio

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