Lonesome Village

Lonesome Village

Zelda in the land of Stardew Valley!

Lonesome Village

Lonesome Village

Ogre Pixel

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A fantastic experience that reminded us of the early Zelda games, with its top-down view and dungeons filled with puzzles. The big difference, though, is the absence of combat and the life sim elements. You'll be exploring dungeons while growing bananas and crafting with your friends to rebuild the town. A game that's as cute as it is clever.

If you're looking for a game for your little gamers that's as cute as it is smart, Lonesome Village will blow you away with how deftly it combines the relaxing parts of Stardew Valley with the top-down adventuring of the early Zelda games.

Lonesome Village - Ogre Pixel - Zelda in the land of Stardew Valley!

The plot is a straightforward one: you play as Wes, a cute coyote who has just arrived in a mysteriously deserted village where an evil wizard has turned all of its residents to stone. Your mission is to free them by exploring a mysterious tower, within which each floor contains a statue. To rescue the villagers, you'll need to solve simple puzzles and minigames to get your hands on the items the statues demand.

There's no combat or time pressure, just an easy-going, pleasant experience that's perfect for kids and even adults who just want to relax.

Lonesome Village - Ogre Pixel - Zelda in the land of Stardew Valley!

From the very first moments of the game you'll be immersed in a colourful, lively world filled with likeable characters and picturesque landscapes.

We loved how the game draws on its inspirations: for fans of Stardew Valley (or Animal Crossing), Lonesome Village boasts soothing management sequences and rewarding interactions with the community. Once freed, the villagers return home and you'll met them in the village. Some will offer you quests to complete while others will provide you with tools that will be vital in your adventures.

Lonesome Village - Ogre Pixel - Zelda in the land of Stardew Valley!

Fans of Zelda will love the clever puzzles, the exploration, and the secrets waiting to be discovered. But this time, there's no combat! There is fishing, though, and we loved it!

And our tip today just happens to be about fish! The kind of fish you can catch depends on the type of rod you use and whether you're fishing by day or by night. Bear in mind that the "best" fishing rod can't catch every kind of fish. Thankfully, though, inside the aquarium building (found to the top right of the beach) there's a room (to the left) where you can see which fish can be caught with which rod.

Our favourite part? How the game has captured the spirit of two iconic games while serving up a unique gaming experience of its own.

Lonesome Village - Ogre Pixel - Zelda in the land of Stardew Valley!

Lonesome Village is perfect for kids aged 7-10, as well for gamers of any age who are in the mood for a fun, relaxing adventure. The puzzles are designed to be accessible while still providing a stimulating challenge, which makes it a great way to develop logical thinking and problem solving skills.

Such a cool game!

Lonesome Village
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Publisher: Ogre Pixel

Developer: Ogre Pixel

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