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Judge, jury, and executioner, you’ve got free rein to kill the bad guys, and boy this is gonna be fun! A top-down game set in a dystopian past, you play as a cop with all the kit, out to lay down the law. What you can expect: taking out targets, collecting items, and rescuing hostages, all over the course of short, fast-paced levels. A successful tribute to Robocop and Judge Dredd.

If you liked Neon Chrome, you'll love JYDGE, another title developed and published by Finnish studio 10tons Ltd, a studio that knows what it's doing when it comes to shooters, since it also brought us the amazing Crimsonland back in 2003.

Drawing inspiration from both Robocop and Judge Dredd, JYDGE is a top-down shooter where you need to collect money to upgrade your weapons and buy mods for your armour. It's a gameplay mechanic that pushes you to replay the levels again and again in an effort to earn as many medals as possible to glean an advantage.

JYDGE - 10tons Ltd - Judge and executioner.

We liked that you can unlock a much harder version of the levels you have already completed.

The plot is pretty straightforward: in a futuristic city riddled with corruption and violence, the JYDGE is out to save good citizens who have been taken hostage. And the JYDGE in question is you! You play as a kind of supercop in futuristic armour, acting as both judge and executioner of the bad guys.

JYDGE - 10tons Ltd - Judge and executioner.

At the start of each level , you'll be dropped into the area by a kind of flyer, which you'll need to rendezvous with again once you've completed your missions.

Your JYDGE isn't one to pussyfoot around: he crashes through walls, breaks down doors, and destroys everything in his wake. But he gets the job done. Just make sure you don't forget one hostage from a group of ten, or it's game over.

JYDGE - 10tons Ltd - Judge and executioner.

Our advice? Always keep one eye on the green circle that surrounds your JYDGE. It represents your life points and gradually shifts from green to yellow and then red as you keep taking damage. And if you die, it's game over, too. The same is true in two-player co-op: both of you need to stay alive.

There are a few medic robots found here and there to patch you up, but don't rely on them too much as they are few and far between.

Then you have to choose your strategy.

If you're the quieter type, you can play a stealthy game and take the time to find the best angle of attack without being spotted. But if you're more rough and ready, you can rush headlong in shooting anything that moves.

JYDGE - 10tons Ltd - Judge and executioner.

A little tip just for you: let an enemy spot you and then fall back. They will follow you and you can take them out quietly without drawing the attention of his partners in crime.

Our favourite part? How the game forces you to replay its levels! Because that's what makes JYDGE so original. The game forces you to complete some really challenging secondary objectives in order to progress. You'll need to earn enough medals to move on, and completing these secondary objectives is the only way to do so. This means you'll be revisiting levels that you've already completed in order to up your medal count. And that's where the game's real challenge lies.

JYDGE is an excellent shooter with progressive difficulty. The responsiveness and precision of your movements and aim are genuinely amazing. For proof, look only to its near-perfect scores in every game store where you can buy it.

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Publisher: 10tons Ltd

Developer: 10tons Ltd

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