I Am Fish

I Am Fish

There's more to life than goldfish bowls.

I Am Fish

I Am Fish

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Cute, but not easy... the story of four fish who were separated when they were sold and are trying to make it back to the sea and be reunited with their friends. Each fish has its own special ability: the piranha can eat through pipes, the goldfish can roll along in its bowl... and we'll let you discover the rest. A clever game for all ages and every fan of Finding Dory. We loved the last level!

I Am Fish begins with four fish in a pet shop with some unusual practices... the owner feeds his future pets with magic bread that boosts their brain power, a bit like the famous Ninja Turtles.

Separated when they are sold to their new owners, our fishy foursome decides to make their escape and rendezvous back in the ocean, just like in Nemo.

I Am Fish - Curve Games - There's more to life than goldfish bowls.

At the beginning of the game you play as the goldfish. He rolls along in his fishbowl, which he must never break at any cost. You'll then unlock the rest of the fish.

I Am Fish - Curve Games - There's more to life than goldfish bowls.

We loved the game's aesthetic, which is strangely similar to the Pixar movies. This might make you think that this is a game for kids, but nothing could be further from the truth. I Am Fish will be far too challenging and frustrating for the littlest gamers, so we recommend it only for players aged 12+. Thankfully, there's plenty of checkpoints where you can pick up from when you die, and you can even choose to skip the puzzles if you get really stuck.

For the most hardcore gamers out there, there's even a difficulty mode with all of the checkpoints removed. A real challenge!

I Am Fish - Curve Games - There's more to life than goldfish bowls.

Our favourite part? The variety of scenarios. In one level, the flying fish is making its way through an airport. In another, the piranha weaves through the corridors of a hospital as it tries to avoid the clutches of a surgeon. But our favourite was making our way through a nightclub, avoiding the shimmying dancers...

The last level is one of the best, because you'll need to use all four fish, switching between them as the situation demands. It adds an extra layer of challenge.

Our advice? There's a secret level, and if you're to unlock it you'll need to earn not only 40 stars, but also 40 pieces of magic bread. These can be found in hard-to-reach places, and you'll need to figure out how to reach them. Only the most determined will succeed!

I Am Fish - Curve Games - There's more to life than goldfish bowls.

This is a game that forces you to think. You're playing as fish, after all, so you can never leave the water. At one point, for example, the piranha finds itself stuck in a sink. You might decide to chew through the pipes to create a leak, but then you see the toilets and toilet paper just over there.

Fishbowls, bottles, buckets, or a river... there's always some way to stay in the water if you keep your eyes peeled. We promise!

So, can you keep these fish alive? They don't bite!

I Am Fish
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Publisher: Curve Games

Developer: Bossa Studios

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