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Fans of zombies like in The Walking Dead are in for a treat here! HordeCore is a cartoony side-scrolling shooter where you build a community that’s surrounded by the living dead. It’s a survival and exploration game with RPG elements, in which you’ll need to find supplies, upgrade your team, and craft deadly weapons, all while remembering to collect cards.

The apocalypse always comes without any warning. But to annihilate a species as tenacious as ours, there’s no need for meteors or alien invaders! In HordeCore, mankind itself is responsible for its own downfall.

First there was war, then a famine, and then… zombies! It is in this post-apocalyptic setting that you will meet a tough cookie of a young survivor: Anna. She’s been fighting the hordes of living dead all on her own for a while, but now she’s starting to feel a bit lonely. She’ll soon meet Pyro, a somewhat "fiery" survivor that likes his zombies well done!

HordeCore - META Publishing - Survival of the fittest!

After taking you back to his camp, he’ll teach you how to survive like a grown-up, and introduce you to his survivor friends. As you earn their trust, you might end up their leader and rescue other survivors in turn, all armed to the teeth! Because in this game, the most dangerous horde out there is definitely your own!

Developed by Portuguese studio Digitality Studios, HordeCore is a side-scrolling 2D survival shooter.

HordeCore - META Publishing - Survival of the fittest!

This means you can move left to right, as well as into the foreground and background. But that’s all! Playable in single-player or local and online co-op for up to 6 players, this game packed with humour features RPG Shooter gameplay.

What that means is that you’ll be spending just as much time shooting anything that moves (aiming with the cursor) as you will exploring ruins filled with treasures! And like in any good RPG, you’ll be able to upgrade the skills of your little survivors.

Remember to pick up the parts and items that you can use to craft weapons, food, and accessories back at camp. You can equip your character with four kinds of items, from head to foot, and including the torso and hands.

HordeCore - META Publishing - Survival of the fittest!

And what should you be holding during a zombie apocalypse? A very big gun, of course!

All this gear will boost your character’s attack and defence skills, as well as their health and range. However, you will definitely need to keep an eye on your characters’ hunger and thirst bars, or they might all too quickly run out!

When you earn enough experience, you can also complete your skill tree to become the ultimate survivor!

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Publisher: META Publishing

Developer: Digitality Studios

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