Ho-Ho-Home Invasion

Ho-Ho-Home Invasion

Santa Game Solid.

Ho-Ho-Home Invasion

Ho-Ho-Home Invasion

Whitepot Studios

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The year was 2020, and due to social distancing requirements, Santa couldn't undertake his normal training. Thankfully, his elves crafted a fully automated Santa training area in a disused warehouse - with lots of "houses" for Santa to sneak his way through. Help Santa complete his training ahead of the Christmas period.

Here’s a game the whole family will love! You play as the only person you’d ever allow into your home uninvited while everyone is sleeping: Santa Claus himself. But this is Father Christmas in the midst of "social distancing" and pandemic lockdowns, who’s unable to complete his normal training for his big night’s work. To help him, his elves have built a series of obstacle courses so that he can get his training in, a kind of Christmassy assault course, if you will.

Ho-Ho-Home Invasion - Whitepot Studios - Santa Game Solid.

The aim of each assault course is to drop off presents in record time, all while avoiding the residents found in every home. And as well all know, it’s bad form to interrupt Santa under the tree or in front of the fireplace…

To make it through each of the five levels, players will need to keep one eye peeled and look out for the robots that the elves have built to simulate humans, humans that will do all they can to meet Santa as he does his rounds.

Ho-Ho-Home Invasion - Whitepot Studios - Santa Game Solid.

But be warned, behind the festive, cutesy, and highly polished façade, some of the game’s houses are very difficult to get into, and you’ll feel a real sense of achievement on your way out after delivering the presents and munching on some cookies. You know the ones: the ones left just for you with a little glass of milk.

Our advice? Take care with how much noise you make, because if you walk too fast the robots might hear you!

Ho-Ho-Home Invasion - Whitepot Studios - Santa Game Solid.

Beneath its childish façade, Ho-Ho-Home Invasion conceals some stealth gameplay and mechanisms worthy of Metal Gear Solid.

It was even almost named Santa Game Solid!

Ho-Ho-Home Invasion
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Publisher: Whitepot Studios

Developer: Whitepot Studios

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