A terrifying journey through the absurd.




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A truly engrossing narrative game, drawn by hand, set in a world that combines the David Lynch aesthetic with the absurdity of Kafka. You play as a nameless being lost in the strange and mysterious town called Bytown, as you set off on an introspective journey where every dialogue choice will shape your destiny. The dark, melancholy artistic direction is fantastic.

This is a narrative point and click game that defies convention with its dreamlike atmosphere, mysterious plot, and amazing artistic direction. Developed by SEKTAHOUSE, this unique game whisks you away to the labyrinthine town of Bytown, where there's a puzzle to solve or surreal encounter waiting on every street corner.

GRUNND - SEKTAHOUSE - A terrifying journey through the absurd.

You play as a nameless main character (and the only character with no voice acting) who is lost in every sense of the word. The story is gradually revealed through the choices you make, inviting you to interpret events as you would a dream.

We loved how the developers were clearly inspired by Kafka and David Lynch, drawing on these sources to create a unique experience. Kafkaesque absurdity melts into the kind of distorted reality so beloved of Lynch, creating a world where the line between normality and nightmare is blurred.

Unsettling encounters and unreal situations all add to the game's surreal air.

GRUNND - SEKTAHOUSE - A terrifying journey through the absurd.

When it comes to the gameplay, GRUNND places the focus on exploration rather than action. The simplified controls (the game is played with the mouse only) encourage players to rummage through every nook and cranny of Bytown.

Our tip to help you on your way? Areas of interest are highlighted by orbs of light that guide you like an explorer through the game's distorted environments and enigmatic scenes.

GRUNND - SEKTAHOUSE - A terrifying journey through the absurd.

Our favourite part? The hand-drawn visuals, the twisted environments, and the bizarre characters. Visually, GRUUND is a masterpiece. Its dark, sombre aesthetic is characterised by striking lines and contrasting colours that complement the unsettling themes perfectly.

The design of the characters, who are often hidden in the shadows, exudes a sense of mystery and intrigue, deepening the game's atmosphere.

GRUNND - SEKTAHOUSE - A terrifying journey through the absurd.

Not to mention the immersive soundtrack that alternates between captivating compositions and disturbing soundscapes that enhance the game's sense of mystery.

In short, GRUUND does a great job of immersing players in a dreamlike tale, challenging you to find a way through the darkness and uncover the mysteries of Bytown. If you like narrative adventures and a slower pace of game, you're guaranteed an engrossing journey into the unknown.

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