Gravity Heroes

Gravity Heroes

Death from above!

Gravity Heroes

Gravity Heroes

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Nope! You aren’t dreaming! Gravity Heroes was indeed released in 2022. It’s a polished homage to the glory days of 16-bit gaming. It’s a shooter that you can play as a single-player campaign, or in multiplayer as a split screen arena battle. You can manipulate gravity to walk on the walls and even on the ceiling. Just pure, uncomplicated fun. A real success!

When the machines rebel, you have to put your humanity to one side. Cold, cruel, and calculating, you’re now ready to become one of the famed Gravity Heroes!

Called in to the rescue when machines known as "synthetics" start to defy Asimov’s Laws of Robotics, you’ll find yourself staring down a machine uprising of the kind never before seen.

Gravity Heroes - PQube Limited - Death from above!

Your mission? To track down the hard drives you need to regain control over these dastardly heaps of junk! And your number one weapon is gravity itself! Harnessing the power of an extremely sophisticated control module, you can flip gravity at will to walk in places man has never set foot… like the walls and the ceiling!

You’ll have four characters to choose from, each as tough as the next, but all with unique looks and very different personalities: El Tostador the friendly robot, Abel the geek, Nala the intellectual, and Magnus the veteran. Whichever you choose, you’ll constantly be finding yourself trapped in vast rooms where your job is to dispatch any form of electronic life you encounter. No problem when you know how to shoot upside down!

Gravity Heroes - PQube Limited - Death from above!

Gravity Heroes is a 2D action-arena shooter jointly developed by two independent studios from Brazil: Studica Solutions and Electric Monkeys. Playable with up to four players in local multiplayer in the Versus Mode, it also comes with Story and Arcade Modes, and a handy tutorial for beginners. With its pixel art graphics and soundtrack that oozes ’80s vibes, it takes you right back to the glory days of fast-paced and colourful 16-bit games.

Pure joy for fans of retro gaming.

Gravity Heroes - PQube Limited - Death from above!

But what is totally innovative is the gameplay. The gravity shifting mechanic will take a bit of practice before you set off to take down the "synthetics"! So if you’re to leave the 25 different kinds of enemies you’ll encounter in the game for dead, you’ll need to learn to master gravity with finesse and plenty of skill!

A touch of the button will let you dodge your foes and launch surprise attacks. Not to mention the ferocious bosses who’ll have you jumping on every wall in the room. Thankfully, you can upgrade your skills by getting hold of increasingly powerful weapons and accessories!

Technology’s not so bad after all, right?

Gravity Heroes
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Publisher: PQube Limited

Developer: Studica Solution

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