For The King

For The King

The die is cast.

For The King

For The King

Curve Games

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A cutesy strategy game, but don’t let appearances fool you, you’ll need to have your head screwed on if you’re to bring peace back to the kingdom. A cross between a real board game with dice rolls and a turn-based combat game, you’ll play as three characters simultaneously, and be sure to choose them well so that their skills complement each other. Welcome to the land of troubadours and minstrels.

You miss rolling dice, but none of your friends are up for spending a few nights deep in a game of Dungeons & Dragons. Well, For The King is the game for you. It is every inch the pen and paper RPG, just on a computer.

For The King - Curve Games - The die is cast.

In it, three brave adventurers set off to save the kingdom. It might not be the most original plot in the world, but it's the one you'll find in For The King. Your adventure will be punctuated with side quests, but don't waste too much time: otherwise, your main quest will end in failure. You'll never be able to explore the whole world map during a game, but that's not what it's all about. You're there to assist the queen!

But what's that got to do with Dungeons & Dragons, you ask? Well, the entire game is dictated by dice rolls. Before each action, the game throws virtual dice, with the result determining what happens next in your adventure. From the distance your character can travel during their turn, to how much damage you inflict on your enemies. And while it might seem frustrating at first, it's also what kept us coming back to For The King.

For The King - Curve Games - The die is cast.

This turn-based RPG serves up a refreshing take on the genre, delivering gameplay that is rarely seen in more recent RPGs. The game gives you a lot of freedom in completing your quest. You can decide to split your party to cover more ground, or stay together to ensure your survival. And it's no easy decision, as your enemies can be very tough to beat.

The game also borrows a lot from rogue-likes, with every death being permanent. You'll need to think each action through if you don't want to see your proud band of adventurers perish.

So, forget all about the people who just don't get your desire to spend hours rolling dice, and set off on an epic adventure in For The King. We loved it!

For The King
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Publisher: Curve Games

Developer: IronOak Games

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