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In the words of its developers, this is a "loving tribute to Japanese action games on the SNES". And what a treat for fans of platform games! Your hero explodes to self-destruct, an ability that you'll be using to speed through the levels. You'll soon master rebounding off the wall, exploding, double jumping, and exploding on an enemy to trigger a combo. So satisfying!

Explodemon is a real old school platformer, just how we like them! Kids will love it, too. With its polished 2D graphics it will remind you of a number of cult classics: you can rebound off the walls just like in Mega Man X, while the speedy gameplay is more than reminiscent of Sonic.

Explodemon - Curve Games - An explosive platform game.

The concept behind Explodemon is a simple one. A new and malfunctioning robot is tasked with stopping his archenemy, Absorbemon, and putting a stop to the destruction wrought by an alien race known as the Vortex.

But more than just a nice trip down memory lane, what makes Explodemon so much fun to play is its unique gameplay mechanics. Explodemon is a robot that... explodes. He can use these explosions to damage enemies and propel himself into the air when jumping. Unfortunately, though, he is also at risk of destroying any friends who find themselves too close at hand.

From the very first level, you'll be learning to use your self-destructive powers in a whole variety of ways: for a speed boost, to launch objects, or perform complex jump combos from the walls.

Explodemon - Curve Games - An explosive platform game.

We loved its sense of independent discovery: just like in the games of old, there's no tutorial to hold your hand, so you'll need to experiment and learn to time your jumps and mid-air explosions. You'll soon learn how to rebound off the wall, pull off a double jump, and explode on an enemy to trigger a combo.

Our advice for the puzzles: you'll usually have to move blocks that are sitting on pressure switches, or destroy an energy generator to open a door. But because Explodemon can't pick anything up, the solutions generally involve deftly timed explosions to move a block and trigger a chain reaction.

Explodemon - Curve Games - An explosive platform game.

And in each level, there are also ten Explodicons and bonuses to collect. There are also hidden NPCs you can talk to, and time trials to compete in. Just like on the old arcade machines, you'll get a grade at the end of each level according to how quickly you completed it.

Our favourite part? The role of the currency you collect in the game: you can spend it to buy upgrades that make Explodemon stronger and faster. And that's a decidedly modern touch!

Explodemon - Curve Games - An explosive platform game.

Explodemon is filled with fun for any gamer, including the most casual and younger gamers, while the more hardcore will love trying to beat their own level records.

A successful tribute to the greatest retro platform games.

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Publisher: Curve Games

Developer: Curve Studios

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