Escape Game - FORT BOYARD 2022

Escape Game - FORT BOYARD 2022

Try to escape the Fort!

Escape Game - FORT BOYARD 2022

Escape Game - FORT BOYARD 2022


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"Get out! Time is running out!" Guaranteed family fun in this party game that remains true to the original gameshow, right down to the cast. If you're feeling some '90s nostalgia, use the Time Machine to go back to test your skill on 6 challenges from old school Fort Boyard. A great game for families.

Fort Boyard needs no introduction. This summertime TV game show, first released in France in July 1990, has been filmed in the Fort from which it takes its name, off the coast of La Rochelle, for 33 years now. Since it first hit our screens, it has been broadcast in 70 countries, with TV channels from 40 different countries visiting the Fort to shoot their own version.

Escape Game - FORT BOYARD 2022 - Microïds - Try to escape the Fort!

Fort Boyard is a larger-than-life party game where teams are tasked with overcoming tests of physical prowess, logic, and dexterity. They are rewarded with keys that allow them to find the clues that will let them open the treasure room.

And it was from this concept that Microïds decided to make a party game for PC and consoles, playable in either cooperative or competitive mode, playing as a team or against other players. All the iconic Fort Boyard characters are here, with cartoon graphics aimed at younger gamers.

Escape Game - FORT BOYARD 2022 - Microïds - Try to escape the Fort!

The game is based on an Adventure mode that lets you complete a full episode, where you get to choose the length: 20 minutes, 40 minutes or one hour. Then there's the Boyard Party mode, that's loads of fun for the whole family.

It really is the perfect family game!

Our favourite part? The gameplay that’s accessible to gamers aged 7 to 77! It’s very easy to get to grips with (even at higher difficulty levels), with techniques that change from one challenge to the next.

Escape Game - FORT BOYARD 2022 - Microïds - Try to escape the Fort!

We liked the variety of minigames. There are 44 in total, all based on challenges from the TV show. Fans will recognise challenges like Revolvers, the Mummy, the Temple of Doom, the Giant Nail... and more besides. More than enough to make sure that no two games are ever the same.

We loved the way the game caters to our nostalgia: Time Machine mode transports you back to the very beginning of the series with six old school challenges (including the giant cotton buds) and contestants in cheesy outfits in a sepia-toned environment.

Escape Game - FORT BOYARD 2022 - Microïds - Try to escape the Fort!

Our advice? Be sure not to miss the challenges with Willy Rovelli, including the Ketchuperie, which will elicit some real belly laughs!

Of course, Fort Boyard is the kind of game that's best enjoyed with the kids. It is definitely popular with kids aged 7-11, who will love sharing the experience with non-gamers. The game's controls are still very easy to grasp, and so easy that anyone can test their skill.

The challenges come at a solid pace, and the voices and music in the Fort really take you back to the TV show, with three cage duels, three council duels, and a number of tests of judgement...

Relive the TV glory days!

Escape Game - FORT BOYARD 2022
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Publisher: Microïds

Developer: Balio Studio

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