Epistory - Typing Chronicles

Epistory - Typing Chronicles

The power of words.

Epistory - Typing Chronicles

Epistory - Typing Chronicles

Fishing Cactus

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Here’s a tender and poetic adventure game where words are your most powerful weapon! Armed with your typing skills and a flawless vocabulary, you’ll be rescuing a writer with a severe case of writer’s block by playing as their muse, a young girl riding a three-tailed fox!

Sweary, sweet, blue, or cross, it’s sometimes easy to forget just how important words are. Cactus Fishing, the developers that brought us Epistory: Typing Chronicles, have chosen to place them at the heart of a poetic, literary world where everything is yet to be written.

So put down your controller and adopt the proper typing posture, because here you are inside the mind of a writer struck with writer’s block, playing as their muse who rides a three-tailed fox. Your job is to explore the writer’s ethereal memories, get rid of her “bugs” and find inspiration at long last!

Epistory - Typing Chronicles - Fishing Cactus - The power of words.

In this dreamlike world that’s like a giant pop-up storybook, your most powerful weapon is your trusty old QWERTY keyboard. To interact with the game world, you’ll have to rely on your typing skills by striking the letters that make up the word displayed above the part of the game environment, obstacle, or enemy of your choice, and then hit “Enter”. There’s a story in there somewhere!

In this delectable 3D adventure game set in a cel shaded world, you’ll mostly use the WSAD keys to explore the recesses of the “Bridge”, the place that links all of the different game areas. These areas can only be unlocked by earning experience through combat, as can the elemental powers of wind, fire, ice, and lightning!

Epistory - Typing Chronicles - Fishing Cactus - The power of words.

Take care: some of your enemies, of varying speeds, will need several words to be typed out if you are to defeat them, and are immune to certain elements! Make sure you keep your distance to increase your chances of survival. Fortunately, Epistory: Typing Chronicles isn’t just a fighting game.

On your quest you’ll also encounter puzzles and dilemmas that will put your brain, as well as your fingertips, to the test. This adventure is suitable for younger gamers, and should also be a satisfying experience for more seasoned gamers once you’ve mastered the gameplay!

Epistory - Typing Chronicles
  • Age7


  • Desktop


  • Solo


  • Keyboard


Publisher: Fishing Cactus

Developer: Fishing Cactus

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