Dry Drowning

Dry Drowning

Troubled waters.

Dry Drowning

Dry Drowning

VLG Publishing

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A serial killer by the name of Pandora has been sowing terror with a series of murders inspired by Greek mythology. The dystopian dictatorship has been trying to keep a lid on the news, but you’ll still need to conduct an investigation. An interactive novel like the much darker Phoenix Wrigh, in which even the smallest decisions count.

In the year 2066, the line between good and evil has grown murky. Human society has taken a xenophobic and totalitarian turn worthy of George Orwell himself. In this dark, dystopian world, you'll be donning the trench coat of Mordred Foley, a somewhat sleazy private detective who has just accepted a particularly seedy case: to find a serial killer by the name of Pandora on behalf of the leader of the Black Bands.

Dry Drowning - VLG Publishing - Troubled waters.

And of course, the ruling political party oppresses the population of Nova Polemos, forcing them to undergo the "Patterson Test", a heartless examination that assesses the utility of each citizen (according to their IQ and political beliefs), in order to rid society of the elderly and anyone else who serves no purpose. But it's also the perfect opportunity to restore your reputation by bringing peace back to the city!

But be wary, because your last encounter with this murderer with a penchant for Greek mythology, 6 years earlier, ended with the death penalty for two innocent citizens... Try not to make the same mistake again!

Developed by Italian studio Studio V, Dry Drowning is a point and click narrative game in visual novel format. What that means is an interactive story with comic book graphics, where you turn the pages one by one and only you can decide how the story ends.

Dry Drowning - VLG Publishing - Troubled waters.

Throughout the three investigations, all linked to Pandora, you'll need to click on different objects to collect vital clues, interrogate witnesses as the good cop or the bad cop, and unmask the identity of the serial killer who has evaded your handcuffs for so long! Fortunately for you, Mordred is bestowed with a strange ability: he sees a mask appear on the faces of people who are lying.

This comes in handy, especially when you're questioning some of the most pathological liars in Nova Polemos, whose number includes cops, politicians, and other notorious crooks.

Then it's up to you to use your powers of deduction to tell true from false, so that you don't get lost in the sewers of fake news. Otherwise, you're sure to drown.

Dry Drowning
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Publisher: VLG Publishing

Developer: VLG Publishing

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