Dolphin Spirit: Ocean Mission

Dolphin Spirit: Ocean Mission

An oceanic odyssey

Dolphin Spirit: Ocean Mission

Dolphin Spirit: Ocean Mission


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A great game for the littlest gamers. Belonging to an environmental protection organisation, you'll be taking photos of marine species and repairing damage to the environment. With its colourful graphics and relaxing music, the game serve up an easy-going experience where you're free to explore. It's a positive way to raise awareness of marine conservation.

At last: an educational game that kids will actually enjoy playing! This is an adventure designed to entertain younger gamers while promoting environmental values. Developed by Magic Pockets and published by Microids, it provides total immersion in the wonders and mysteries of the ocean depths, while teaching kid about the importance of protecting the environment.

Dolphin Spirit: Ocean Mission - Microids - An oceanic odyssey

The story begins when a young adventurer holidaying on the tropical island of Maupiroa finds themselves on a quest to save the local ecosystem. With help from their faithful companion, a dolphin named Keanu, and their grandfather, who runs an environmental protection charity, the young protagonist will set off on a series of useful missions to clean up the oceans, save animals in distress and protect the island's natural beauty.

We liked the variety of the educational and environmental missions that encourage kids to protect the environment. For example, you might be picking up plastic waste that is polluting the beaches, freeing animals caught in fishing nets, and restoring damaged coral reefs. Each and every action has a direct impact on the game's virtual ecosystem, which helps kids understand the consequences of pollution in real life; marine biodiversity, pollution, and the protection of endangered species.

Dolphin Spirit: Ocean Mission - Microids - An oceanic odyssey

We loved the freedom the game gives to players. Beyond the main missions, Dolphin Spirit: Ocean Mission gives players the freedom to explore the island of Maupiroa and its surroundings.

You're free to explore the ocean depths without having to worry about drowning. The game opts to do away with any danger, so that kids can focus on exploration and learning without having to worry about their character dying. Kids can swim with dolphins, dive for hidden treasure, and discover a multitude of fascinating creatures. One of the main gameplay mechanics is taking photos of the different animals you encounter.

Dolphin Spirit: Ocean Mission - Microids - An oceanic odyssey

Our tip to help you on your way? Some birds are the same colour but don't belong to the same species. It's always worth getting your camera out to check! Of course, if you want to spot all of the animals, you'll need to clean up the area. It's all connected: once you've cleaned up an area, a new animal tends to appear.

Dolphin Spirit: Ocean Mission - Microids - An oceanic odyssey

Far more than just another educational game for kids, this game is a valuable tool in making younger generations aware of the how important it is to protect nature. So, dive into the waters of Dolphin Spirit: Ocean Mission and discover its magical, ever-safe world.

Dolphin Spirit: Ocean Mission
  • Age3


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Publisher: Microids

Developer: Magic Pockets

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