Distrust: Polar Survival

Distrust: Polar Survival

Nightmares and snowballs.

Distrust: Polar Survival

Distrust: Polar Survival

Alawar Entertainment

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Help a small group of explorers survive winter in this chilling survival horror! Explore 6 areas inside an abandoned research station and craft what you need to survive the hostile arctic environment, your own hallucinations, and attacks by nightmarish creatures – the “anomalies” – that hunt you down as you sleep!

A helicopter crash in the Arctic circle; an abandoned research station; and a threat lurking in the dark polar night. Remind you of anything? That’s no surprise: the developers at Cheerdealers drew a whole load of inspiration from John Carpenter’s The Thing in bringing us Distrust: Polar Survival. As you lead a small group of explorers stuck in the middle of a snowstorm, your first task is to find a way out by making your way through the six inhospitable areas of the research station.

But there’s an added hitch: your perception of reality will gradually start to grow distorted if you stay awake too long! You’ll also need to handle the elements and meet your basic needs to ensure your immediate and future survival. But don’t be lulled into thinking that the hallucinations, the cold, hunger, fatigue, and injuries will be all that you have on your plate.

Distrust: Polar Survival - Alawar Entertainment - Nightmares and snowballs.

Because come nightfall, you will be faced with a far more worrying and outlandish threat: the “anomalies” that appear as a swarm of globes of light and come to suck the souls of humans as they sleep. A nightmare in the truest sense of the word!

The Point & Click survival horror found in Distrust: Polar Survival is a must-have for any gamer that enjoys realistic, strategic survival games. The first levels are accessible to newbies, and can be played in English or Spanish or with German subtitles. But as the game progresses, it will test your wits and demand better planning to keep all of your needs bars at safe levels, and prevent yourself from dying in a matter of days. In addition to managing your sleep, which is essential to survive attacks from the “anomalies” that occur every time one of your characters nods off, you’ll also need to go through the facility with a fine-tooth comb to find a way out.

Distrust: Polar Survival - Alawar Entertainment - Nightmares and snowballs.

You’ll be looking for as many items as you can that will help save your skin or get you out of a tight spot, all while avoiding injury yourself. Depending on the materials you collect on your quests and other exploration missions, you can craft your own tools, weapons, and food using a workbench, an oven, or other equipment. Along the way, the most curious players will find notes and clues about what really happened to the research station’s former tenants. Guaranteed chills!

Distrust: Polar Survival
  • Age12


  • Desktop


  • Solo


  • Keyboard


Publisher: Alawar Entertainment

Developer: Cheerdealers

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