Die For Valhalla

Die For Valhalla

Ride of the Valkyries.

Die For Valhalla

Die For Valhalla

Monster Couch

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Set off to conquer Scandinavia in this game that’s a cross between a beat ’em all and a rogue-lite! Dispatch hordes of enemies by rushing in headlong, or observe their weak points before wiping them out: the choice is yours! One thing is certain, Odin’s Kingdom is waiting for you!

It’s not every day that you get to play as a Nordic god. But today’s the day! Die for Valhalla sees you play as a Valkyrie with a very useful skill: she can possess the bodies of heroes fallen in combat, as well as their enemies (human or otherwise) and even certain traps! It’s a skill that will soon become vital in your quest, and let you try out a few different playstyles.

Whether you’re more a Viking warrior, archer, or wizard, you’ll always have to adapt your strategy to the opponents that come before you. Another variation of Die for Valhalla is revealed as soon as you make your first save. You can choose to keep playing in the traditional Beat’em All mode, or try your hand at a Roguelite adventure (lighter than a Roguelike) that is much more challenging. In the first option, you “just” have to massacre waves of bloodthirsty creatures and level up as you go. In the latter, you’ll be sent back to the start whenever you die. Cruel, but oh so satisfying!

Die For Valhalla - Monster Couch - Ride of the Valkyries.

Developed by Monster Couch, Die for Valhalla is a 2D hybrid of a Beat’em All and Roguelite filled with cutting humour and where, yet again, violence and fighting ability form the keys to your success. More experienced players will love the increasingly complex difficulty, the system of improvements, and the exploration phases; while more timid players will be happy taking down the poor little green gnomes without a second thought.

Die For Valhalla - Monster Couch - Ride of the Valkyries.

Whichever way you play, remember to pick up the little runes (no QAnon here, though) that represent your glory, and therefore your experience. They are what lets you level up your warrior’s skills. As a bonus, completing a level treats you to a funny little sketch, to help you relax a bit before diving once more into the fray!

Die For Valhalla
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Publisher: Monster Couch

Developer: Monster Couch

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