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Conglomerate 451

Conglomerate 451

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A fusion of two genres – Dungeon Crawler and Rogue-like – that results in a polished cyberpunk experience. You are the CEO of a Special Agency, instructed to restore order in sector 451. To achieve your objective, you are authorised to create clones (known as "agents") to eradicate crime and restore order. But stay sharp: you only have 75 weeks to complete your mission.

Welcome to the rundown streets of Conglomerate City, where blazing neon shines light on corruption, and where shady corporations rule.

Conglomerate 451 - Fulqrum Publishing - SYNDICATE WARS for 2023

It is within this cyberpunk setting that Conglomerate 451 immerses you in an experience that deftly combines nostalgia for classic RPGs and more modern gameplay mechanics. It is simultaneously a dungeon crawler, rogue-like and first-person RPG, and fans of SYNDICATE WARS will feel right at home. You'll be exploring procedurally generated streets and doing battle with corrupt enemies, as well as playing hacking minigames that add a touch of strategic complexity to the affair.

The story is the standard fare. As the CEO of a special agency, you have been assigned the crucial task of restoring order in sector 451, a hotbed of criminality controlled by merciless corporations. The year is 2099, and this metropolis is rocked by civil war. The government has legalised Blade Runner-style clones, genetically modified beings, to fight against the chaos. Your every decision will have consequences, and you have only 75 weeks to complete your mission.

Conglomerate 451 - Fulqrum Publishing - SYNDICATE WARS for 2023

The procedurally generated neighbourhoods guarantee unlimited replayability. Each new game serves up a unique experience with different streets, buildings, and enemies every time. You can also choose between Story mode for deeper immersion or Endless mode for a never-ending series of engrossing missions.

Our favourite part? Creating and managing your clones. Just like in many games, you need to choose from different character classes, upgrade skills, and customise your team so that they can handle the challenges they face.

You'll end up getting attached to your clones! This means that the decision to heal a current agent or create a fresh clone with different skills and personality traits becomes a poignant dilemma. The agents aren't just interchangeable pawns; they are individuals with their own histories, which is why you get so attached to your team.

Conglomerate 451 - Fulqrum Publishing - SYNDICATE WARS for 2023

Because while your agents' physical injuries can be healed, psychological trauma is permanent and affects their performance in future missions. Every decision to heal then becomes a pivotal choice because even if the injuries can be removed, the mental scars remain, adding a layer of realism and complexity to the plot. The agent graveyard becomes a real memorial, testament to the sacrifices made on your mission to restore order.

We loved the hacking minigames that add an interactive dimension to the exploration. Uncover secrets, unlock bonuses, and hack into systems to gain a crucial advantage. It provides a welcome break from the pace of the game, stimulating your grey matter and ingenuity.

Conglomerate 451 - Fulqrum Publishing - SYNDICATE WARS for 2023

Here's our top tips to help you on your way: remember that micromanaging your resources is vital, invest wisely in the tech trees that best match your strategy, and heal your clones' injuries quickly so that they don't become permanent, even if it gets expensive. And remember to explore every corner of the levels to root out chests containing credits and essential technology.

If you're ready to dive into a dystopian future where every decision counts, Conglomerate 451 is ready and waiting. The fate of this cyberpunk metropolis lies in your hands.

Conglomerate 451
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Publisher: Fulqrum Publishing

Developer: RuneHeads

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