Clouds & Sheep 2

Clouds & Sheep 2

Trickle-down sheeponomics.

Clouds & Sheep 2

Clouds & Sheep 2

Handy Games

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A management game with childlike graphics that will be a hit with the younger players out there, and maybe older ones, too! Can you become the best shepherd out there by helping your herd of adorable sheep to thrive? Feed them and keep them entertained, shear them, and look after your little plot of land. Just be warned: the lambs are even cuter than their parents!

Fancy a career change but can’t make up your mind between shepherd and meteorologist? Well, hold the phone! Clouds and Sheep 2 lets you be both at the same time! In this farfetched but challenging resource management sim, your job is to look after a special flock of sheep. And they’re your sheep, so you can do anything you like with them, within the bounds of animal cruelty laws, of course!

What’s more, in this smartphone game you’re also something of a meteorologist, which means you can even boss the clouds around! In practice, this means gathering together fluffy white clouds to make a big grey storm cloud that will start raining and grow the grass on your peaceful pasture. Grass that is so very precious to your sheep.

Clouds & Sheep 2 - Handy Games - Trickle-down sheeponomics.

And when it rains, it pours! Storms are a great chance to rustle up some lightning (but not too much) and start a fire to keep your happy little sheep warm and cosy. Job done! But don’t be thinking that your sheep will be happy just grazing and bleating all day long. Your livestock also have things to do, secret ambitions, and mad-cap plans, like finding the Fountain of Youth!

Clouds and Sheep 2 is a 2D resource management sim from Handy Games. It’s perfect for introducing younger gamers to the unique mechanics of management games, as it places you in control of a flock of sheep and tasks you with keeping them happy! With a clear interface and gameplay that’s easy to get to grips with, you just need to move your cursor and click on a sheep (or anything else) to pick it up and use it: you can plop it on a tuft of grass, roll it around, or send it flying through the air!

Clouds & Sheep 2 - Handy Games - Trickle-down sheeponomics.

It’s fun, earns you experience points, and the sheep love it! But the game doesn’t end there: to keep your sheep in a state of fluffed out bliss, you’ll have to complete a series of missions and made sure that they have plenty food, water, and warmth! It’s a fine balance that Mother Nature could probably take care of all by herself, but saying as you’re here you may as well give her a helping hand by forming clouds and gathering resources.

Chopping wood, picking flowers, shearing wool, and collecting happy stars will enable you to make nice accessories for your sheep, with things like toys, decor items, and crazy clothes. As you work your way through the levels, you can also expand your enclosure, plant trees, discover four new pastures, and even go treasure-hunting! So what do you think: do electric sheep dream of us, too?

Clouds & Sheep 2
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Publisher: Handy Games

Developer: Handy Games

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