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A little puzzle-platformer filled with poetry that’s perfect for newbies and fans of easy games. You’ll be weaving between past and future, accompanied by a friendly inventor and his pet snail. And naturally, each of their actions in the past will have consequences in the future. Perfect for playing on your phone.

Here's a little treat of a platform game.

The plot is delivered through text, but it's pretty simple so you don't necessarily need to be an avid reader, and the story is enchanting. Using a special watch, an inventor with a white beard can manipulate time and switch between eras on the fly. In just a click, the environment changes and the actions to performed in the past change the shape of the future. A huge plant in the future, for example, will be much smaller in the past. This means that if you replant it in the right place in the past, and you can then use its great branches as a platform in the future.

Chronology - Bedtime Digital Games - Playing with space-time.

It sounds complex in theory, but in practice it's simple, intuitive, and only takes a single click.

As for our inventor, while he may be the brains behind many technological advances, his discoveries nevertheless brought about the end of the world, and now he is tasked with saving humanity from the ruins.

But before too long, he can count on some help from a snail with the power to stop time.

Chronology - Bedtime Digital Games - Playing with space-time.

The levels are very short, and dying is no big deal, because the inventor is immediately brought back to life every time he falls to his death. This means that the game isn't a punishing experience.

Our favourite part was the childlike environments, which are simply adorable. It feels like you're playing in a fairytale, and you'll soon become attached to your characters as you explore a cutesy steampunk world.

Chronology - Bedtime Digital Games - Playing with space-time.

But where the game gets really fascinating is when you combine the two characters' abilities. The snail, for example, can freeze a projectile in mid-air so that the inventor can jump aboard, and then manipulate time to reach a platform.

In these kinds of situations, you need to act fast. **Our advice?**play on a mobile or with a controller, which let you be more agile than the keyboard.

A crafty little platform game that's great to play on a mobile or with a controller.

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Publisher: Bedtime Digital Games

Developer: Bedtime Digital Games

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