Chenso Club

Chenso Club

Fearless heroines and brawler action

Chenso Club

Chenso Club

Aurora Punks

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A platform brawler that's packed with action, for one or two players. You'll need to choose one of five heroines, each with their own unique skills, as you fight against cute but disgusting aliens. Inspired by arcade brawlers, we loved the frenetic gameplay and cutesy gore. A rogue-lite that's not really for kids! Pure fun!

A 100% brazen game with an all-female cast of heroines that combines the intense brawls of Smash Bros with rogue-lite elements.

Chenso Club - Aurora Punks - Fearless heroines and brawler action

If you like your games to be brimming with testosterone, give this one a miss. In Chenso Club the girls are out to play! More specifically, it’s five young warriors who are determined to save the world from alien invaders. What's unique is their ability to recover the life-force of fallen aliens to become just as hardcore. The game's aesthetic is heavily inspired by the 16-bit era and serves up a retro atmosphere with plenty of added gore: this is definitely not one for the kids.

The action is set in a world that has been invaded by filthy, disgusting aliens. But never fear; the Chenso Club is here to save the day!

Chenso Club - Aurora Punks - Fearless heroines and brawler action

Our favourite part were the five playable heroines. Blue, Carmine, Plum, Alice, and MOLLY. Each has their own unique fighting style and their own deadly weapon, meaning unique gameplay mechanics, too. Whether you prefer the versatile Blue, Carmine's brute force, Plum's grace, Alice's agility, or the mysterious MOLLY, there's something for every playstyle. The varied characters give the game considerable replayability.

The game also adopts rogue-lite elements with its procedurally generated levels that challenge players to venture out into the unknown with every playthrough. The rising difficulty coupled with the need to retrieve the life-force of fallen enemies adds an extra layer of challenge that will keep you coming back to try and try again.

Chenso Club - Aurora Punks - Fearless heroines and brawler action

We liked the game's sense of humour when it introduces a social network called "Chirp". The characters become influencers and amass followers as they win battles. Your job is to manage their popularity by pulling off some impressive performances and avoiding clingy fans.

Chenso Club - Aurora Punks - Fearless heroines and brawler action

Our tip to help you on your way? The more you progress, the more followers you earn, and this unlocks items much more quickly. Make sure you don't pass over this part of the gameplay!

If you're looking for unbridled action, gore, and a retro aesthetic, Chenso Club definitely deserves a place in your game library.

Chenso Club
  • Age16


  • SmartTvDesktopMobileTablet


  • Multi


  • GamepadKeyboardTouch


Publisher: Aurora Punks

Developer: Pixadome

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