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Simple, cute and perfect for playing with friends or against the AI. The first player to win five minigames wins. There's a race, a game of last man standing in a level filled with lava, and a minigame to build as many blocks as possible while destroying your opponents' structures. Simple, short games that are easy to get to grips with. Best played with friends.

If you're looking some straightforward yet competitive fun with friends, you're in the right place.

Block'Em! - Aurora Punks - No-fuss minigames for instant fun

Block'Em! is a 2D party game that you can certainly play alone, but it’s much more fun with four players. There's no complex plot here, just nice cuboid monsters and a cute, straightforward experience that's great for having a laugh with family or friends.

We liked the visual universe of Block'Em! with its pastel shades and pretty aesthetic.

Block'Em! - Aurora Punks - No-fuss minigames for instant fun

Our favourite part? The controls are designed to be super-easy to pick up and play in just a few minutes (thanks to the tutorial) making this game accessible to anyone, even the youngest and most casual of gamers.

The gameplay is made up of three minigames filling, rushing, and vying to be the last block standing. The filling game sees you attempt to fill the game area with colourful cubes; in rush, it's a frantic race to be first to the diamond; while survival has players try to stay upright in an area filled with traps. The challenges are simple but well-designed, and will have your sides splitting in every game.

Block'Em! - Aurora Punks - No-fuss minigames for instant fun

You can jump, run, push your opponents, and position or remove blocks. The gameplay mechanics in Block'Em! are all inspired by familiar games, and that's its strength. You can feel the influence of Tetris in the block puzzles; there's a dash of Fall Guys with the last man standing; and you can build staircases and bridges while destroying your opponents, just like in Gang Beasts.

Block'Em! - Aurora Punks - No-fuss minigames for instant fun

Our advice? Take care! The environmental dangers will kill you instantly!

This is a game does exactly what it sets out to do: serving up a simple yet effective multiplayer experience for a night with friends or some intergenerational gaming. Yet more proof that in the video-game world, simplicity is often the key to fun with friends.

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Publisher: Aurora Punks

Developer: Cat Shawl Games

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