Big Buck Hunter Arcade

Big Buck Hunter Arcade

Hunting, but not as we know it

Big Buck Hunter Arcade

Big Buck Hunter Arcade

GameMill Entertainment

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This game will be a hit with hunting and shooter fans, with its arcade action. For casual hunters out for fun. This isn't a game that takes itself too seriously. Hunter Arcade contains a number of bonus games and challenges to test your aim and speed, with more than 20 animals to kill, including squirrels and bats. And it's totally gore-free.

If you frequented video game arcades back in the 2000s, chances are you're familiar with Big Buck Hunt. Its orange plastic rifle caught the eye of many a shooter fan, promising a straightforward hunting experience without too much blood. The game places you in a virtual hunter's hide with a window looking out onto stylised natural scenery, with each turn taking just a few seconds.

Big Buck Hunter Arcade - GameMill Entertainment - Hunting, but not as we know it

Your mission is to aim at the screen and kill the various wild animals that appear before you, such as deer, elk, and pheasant. The challenge, though, lies in the fact that you need to avoid shooting females and young. It gets harder the further you progress through the game, with the animals keeping out of your sights and every new level presenting a stiffer challenge.
At the end of your session you'll be awarded points for accuracy and speed, and receive penalties for any illegal shots.
It can sometimes feel like it's more a game of luck than of skill. But that's where its charm lies: this is all about fun and never gets too serious.

Big Buck Hunter Arcade - GameMill Entertainment - Hunting, but not as we know it

We liked the game's deliberately quirky approach that never takes itself too seriously. This can be seen not just in the level design for the hunting sequences, but also in the scantily clad pin-ups you'll spot here and there. Admittedly, only some people will find this funny. You'll feel like you're standing at an arcade machine in some Texan bar.

Our favourite part? The seven fun minigames that some people think are more fun than the main game itself. What you can expect: shooting cockroaches in an infested kitchen, bottles of booze in a hanger, and taking out eels in a sunken ship.

Big Buck Hunter Arcade - GameMill Entertainment - Hunting, but not as we know it

Our advice? Watch The Dukes of Hazzard before you play Big Buck Hunter Arcade to get yourself in the mood!
With its pin-ups, bar arcade machine, and country accent, it lives up to all the cliches, and the multiplayer mode adds a social dimension to the game, so that friends can get competitive in some hillbilly fun. A rare thing in video games!

Big Buck Hunter Arcade
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Publisher: GameMill Entertainment

Developer: GameMill Entertainment

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