Aurora: A Child's Journey

Aurora: A Child's Journey

A little girl in an environmental disaster

Aurora: A Child's Journey

Aurora: A Child's Journey


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Smart, moving, and beautiful. More than a game, this is a real fable, a videogaming experience that immerses you in an environmental disaster from the viewpoint of a child: our little Aurora. A great game in its own right, it's also a nifty way to teach kids about how human actions destroy nature. Allow 20 minutes to finish the story. For ages 10+

This is a truly unique game.

It only lasts 20 minutes, but it's one you won't forget. More than just an easy game to play with your kids (you'll need to read the game's text for them, though), it's an artistic testament to the devastating consequences of an environmental disaster in Brazil.

In just 20 minutes, it will carry you along on an emotional journey that questions mankind's impact on the environment.

Aurora: A Child's Journey - Prothos - A little girl in an environmental disaster

At first glance, Aurora: A Child's Journey looks like a pretty little game with a happy narrative, but don't be fooled by appearances: it's so much more than that. The game begins with you following along with Aurora, a very young heroine aged just 7 or 8, and who lives in a favela full of rubbish. Today, she's off looking for her boat.

The game environment, ruined and polluted though it may be, provides fertile ground for the little girl's imagination, with every detail in your surroundings turning into a fantastical place for flashes of a few seconds.

Aurora: A Child's Journey - Prothos - A little girl in an environmental disaster

We loved the really simple gameplay. With no threats to your life, you can jump up on stilts, do battle with sea monsters, solve puzzles and get round obstacles... all in the safety of Aurora's vivid imagination as she tries to find out who is responsible for the fire that has ravaged her home.

Inspired by a real-life fire that took place in Sao Paolo in 2015 and that severely impacted the locals who depended on fishing, Aurora: A Child's Journey immerses players in a touching story about the importance of the environment.

We liked the soundtrack that's synchronised with the gameplay, highlighting each pivotal moment in the story. The melancholy notes and captivating melodies all help to deepen the game's atmosphere.

Aurora: A Child's Journey - Prothos - A little girl in an environmental disaster

Through the eyes of Aurora, the game explores the very real consequences of an environmental disaster. Seeing it from a child's point of view provides a unique angle for players to really feel the loss of innocence in the face of such a harsh reality.

Our advice to get the best experience? To get the most from Aurora: A Child's Journey, play through the game in one sitting. It's an intense 20 minutes that will enable you to feel the full artistic and emotional weight of the game, without any interruptions. But also because you can't save your game.

Aurora: A Child's Journey - Prothos - A little girl in an environmental disaster

Aurora: A Child's Journey is a poignant tribute to the victims of an environmental disaster that struck Brazil in 2015.

Despite its short playtime, the game successfully captivates the player, raises awareness of the environment, and shows how video games can be a powerful medium for telling important stories. For agesΒ 8+.

Aurora: A Child's Journey
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Publisher: Prothos

Developer: Luski Game Studio

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