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Ash of Gods: The Way

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Ash of Gods: The Way

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Far easier to get to grips with than Ash of Gods: Redemption, The Way takes place in the same world but with a whole new story and cast of characters. Finn must master a deadly game known as "The Way" if he is to save his homeland from an imminent threat. We loved the tactical combat and the depth of the deckbuilding system that delivers an outstanding experience for fans of the genre.

Dive into a world where battles are decided by a deadly game of cards! In Ash of Gods: The Way, you play as Finn, a young man who must urgently learn all the nuances of a game known as "The Way" if he is to protect his home from an imminent threat. So while the neighbouring region of Frisia prepares to attack, Finn must quickly become an expert in the game so that he can lead his country's army to victory.

Ash of Gods: The Way - AurumDust - For fans of deck builders

Rest easy: there's no need to have played the first Ash of Gods game to get stuck into The Way, whose gameplay is much easier to pick up.

In this adventure there will be plenty of twists and morally complex decisions that have a real impact in how your game turns out, and every decision you make will affect Finn's destiny, and therefore the ending of your adventure.

Ash of Gods: The Way - AurumDust - For fans of deck builders

In Ash of Gods: The Way, the blend of tactical RPG and deck builder results in a dynamic, strategic experience. Cards lie at the heart of this fusion, representing both your units and the tactical bonuses that shape each battle according to its configuration.

You'll need to carefully select your cards every turn, be that units to consolidate your position or artefacts to glean a strategic advantage. The number of cards you can have in your hand varies according to the scenario, adding an extra layer of strategy to each decision.

Once you've chosen your cards, you end your turn and watch events unfold on the battlefield. The units move by themselves, inflicting and taking damage, while your Commander, positioned at the very end of your line and vital to your success, holds back. Your aim is simple yet challenging: take out the enemy Commander while protecting your own at all costs.

Ash of Gods: The Way - AurumDust - For fans of deck builders

Each unit has its own special abilities that will influence your tactical decision-making. From the healing monk to the swift ranger and blademistress, every decision you make will have a direct impact on the outcome of the battle.

The deck building dimension of Ash of Gods: The Way quickly overtakes the tactical side of things, revealing the true heart of the game. With four different decks, each offering its own strategies and challenges, the possibilities for customisation are endless.

Our favourite part? How you can mix decks to create unique combinations. By combining the strengths of different factions you can develop ever more complex and unpredictable strategies, catching your opponents on the back foot. It all makes The Way even more rewarding.

Ash of Gods: The Way - AurumDust - For fans of deck builders

We loved this freedom to customise your game that lets you develop your own playstyle and try out with different tactical approaches. Whether you're a seasoned commander or a deck-building novice, Ash of Gods: The Way provides a playground that's rich in possibilities and challenges.

Our advice? Get familiar with the decks. Take the time to explore each deck and to understand its strengths and weaknesses. Each faction has its own playstyle, so find the one that is the best match for your strategy.

Ash of Gods: The Way is perfect for players who enjoy both deep strategy and an immersive story. If you like card games, tactical RPGs, and plots full of twists, then this game is made for you.

Ash of Gods: The Way
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Publisher: AurumDust

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