Arkanoid - Eternal Battle

Arkanoid - Eternal Battle

Breaking down blocks!

Arkanoid - Eternal Battle

Arkanoid - Eternal Battle


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The classic 1986 block breaker is back with a full makeover for 2023, including a multiplayer mode at long last, and all set in a polished electro-futuristic world. As fun and addictive as Tetris. There's also the Retro mode that lets you play all 32 levels of the original on a virtual arcade machine. A great idea that will let younger gamers try their hand at an arcade icon.

Almost as famous as Tetris back in the 1980s, Araknoid places you in the cockpit of the Vaus, the only ship to have escaped an attack on Araknoid, the mothership, orchestrated by the mysterious DOH (no relation to Homer...). Your mission, then, is to take out DOH by using your little ship to get past all of its security measures.

In short, this has been the gold standard in block breakers since 1986.

Arkanoid - Eternal Battle - Microids - Breaking down blocks!

Arkanoid is one of the rare games where the concept is so good that it can be played forever and, thanks to its simple and accessible controls, by anyone.

You move your ship from left to right, shooting a ball that the destroys bricks and moving targets that lie ahead. When your ball strikes a brick or a wall, it rebounds and continues on its way. Your aim, then, is to destroy every single brick. Every now and then they will drop bonuses that you will need to pick up to earn upgrades like a bigger ship, lasers, or a safety net... Just watch out for the surprise penalties, too!

Arkanoid - Eternal Battle - Microids - Breaking down blocks!

We loved the retro mode that delivered the same excitement as back in the day, all while being playable with a mouse. Veteran gamers will appreciate the arcade machine environment and the vintage challenge.

The game isn't all stuck in the past, though. It has been given a thorough overhaul for 2023 with its Neo mode that gets you new powers and new kinds of blocks, with an aesthetic inspired by "Tron". The environments are also different, with little surprises and videogaming Easter eggs. In short, it's Arkanoid for the modern day.

Our tip to help you on your way? Remember that in Neo mode, you lose half your points every time you "continue"!

Arkanoid - Eternal Battle - Microids - Breaking down blocks!

Our favourite part? Local multiplayer. Up to four players can play at once, sending penalties to their opponents just like in Tetris 99. The aim is to clear your blocks before anyone else. It's a great way to spend an evening gaming with friends and family.

And the very fact that multiplayer is even possible is a breath of fresh air to the genre, for gamers of any age.

What more proof could you need that games from videogaming prehistory haven't aged a day!?

Arkanoid - Eternal Battle
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Publisher: Microids

Developer: Pastagames

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