All-Star Fruit Racing

All-Star Fruit Racing

A juicy-juicy racing game!

All-Star Fruit Racing

All-Star Fruit Racing

PQube Limited

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A great karting game, with not a plumber or blue hedgehog in sight! As well as 20 lively tracks that will keep you on your toes, this is a racing game packed with originality, solid handling, and generous options for customising your karts. One to play with friends.

Warning: this game is seriously addictive!
Developed by 3D Clouds, perhaps on a sugar high after too many smoothies, All Star Fruit Racing is a hyperactive battle racing game where winning is all that counts. As well as being easy to just pick up and play, it may well be the year’s most nutritious racing game!

The game takes place in an idyllic island world filled with giant coconuts and other giant fruits. It is a cute and colourful place, but one where the aim is to cross that finish line in first place no matter what. To get there, you’ll need to rely on your skill at the wheel and your sharp reflexes to dodge the traps set by your competitors, spot those little shortcuts, and get the most out of your boosts. It’s a gorgeous setting... but keep your eyes on the road!

All-Star Fruit Racing - PQube Limited - A juicy-juicy racing game!

The girls are at the wheel in All-Star Fruit Racing, and every racer has been granted the powers (and that means the attacks) of a particular fruit: pineapple, kiwi fruit, banana, watermelon... and more besides. Just pick your favourite!

You will, however, need to collect as many different fruits scattered along the track as you can to fill your skill meter and activate a special attack. There’s plenty to make the races even more interesting... but don’t forget: the more different ingredients you have in your smoothie, the more devastating your attack! Another nice surprise: your kart is 100% customisable with different designs, from the shape of the bodywork to the colour of the wheels, alloys, and the horn! You can finally make a race car in your own image!

All-Star Fruit Racing - PQube Limited - A juicy-juicy racing game!

But to unlock all the characters, items, and accessories, you first need to complete the 21 races spread across five different game modes: career, individual races, championship, time trials, and training, with three levels of difficulty, so that you can up the gears when you’re ready.

And the cherry on the cake, a multiplayer mode to race with 2, 4, or 8 players, in co-op mode or head-to-head! Plenty to help you get your five-a-day!

All-Star Fruit Racing
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Publisher: PQube Limited

Developer: 3DClouds

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