Adam Wolfe

Adam Wolfe

A minor masterpiece to play without delay.

Adam Wolfe

Adam Wolfe

Mad Head Games

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Fans of paranormal thrillers will love this game. A cross between a hidden object (think True Fear) and a more traditional point and click game, combining adventure and suspense, this is in a class of its own with a truly engrossing plot. This is a linear interactive movie, but the pace is breathless and there are plenty of mechanics to master. We can't wait for the sequel.

Has Adam Wolfe carved out a whole new videogame genre?

That's the question you might just be asking yourself as you play. Simultaneously an interactive novel, point and click adventure, and a hidden object game, players are unanimous in their praise.

And unanimity isn't that common in video game reviews!

Adam Wolfe - Mad Head Games - A minor masterpiece to play without delay.

You can expect well-designed puzzles, beautiful graphics, and a genuinely interesting plot that will keep you on the edge of your seat, accompanied by a splash of gore, a sinister setting, and a spine-chilling atmosphere.

The main gameplay mechanic in Adam Wolfe consists of clicking on the highly detailed environments to find clues that will let you progress in your investigation. But its strength lies in the fact that it really feels like an action game!

Adam Wolfe - Mad Head Games - A minor masterpiece to play without delay.

Our favourite part were the interactive cutscenes, something totally new to the genre.

Adam is a paranormal investigator and, ever since his sister disappeared, he has been desperately trying to solve cases that might shed light on what really happened to her. If you enjoy thrillers, this one will have you on the edge of your seat for hours and hours.

Adam Wolfe - Mad Head Games - A minor masterpiece to play without delay.

Another thing that makes this series unique is that from the very start of the game, Adam talks about his past, his feelings, and his opinions. It really makes the game stand out from all other first-person games: you immediately feel as if you are Adam!

We loved the minigames that are seamlessly incorporated into the gameplay.

You don't always notice that you're playing a minigame, often because you're too busy trying to avoid getting attacked by a baddie. That's how innovative this game is.

Adam Wolfe - Mad Head Games - A minor masterpiece to play without delay.

Our advice? Unless you're a seasoned player of puzzle and hidden object games, don't feel bad about starting off in Easy mode. Some sequences are really challenging. There's even a custom difficulty menu so that you can fine tune the level of challenge.

We strongly recommend this well-written story with its paranormal edge. You won't be disappointed.

Adam Wolfe
  • Age12


  • SmartTvDesktopMobileTablet


  • Solo


  • KeyboardTouchGamepad


Publisher: Mad Head Games

Developer: Mad Head Games

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